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Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

    Hello, recently I have been receiving a lot of questions about me, instagram, blog and more! I decided that it would be best to put all my answers in this blog post.

1.) How do you edit your pictures on Instagram?
* First I use VSCO to put my favorite filter on, A4. Then I go to SNAPSEED and adjust the brightness and so on, but I will do an extra post on this topic.

2.) When did you start your Instagram?
* Back in 2013, but I think since 2016 I started to post more often.

3.) Do you work or go to school?
* I am going to university since 2016.

4.) Where do you live?
* I live in Graz, Austria.

5.) How does an influencer/blogger earn money?
* Mostly because of collaborations with brands. Or affiliate links.

6.) What do you want to do later?
* Definitely something with social media , public relations.

7.) Your favorite make up brands?
* I love MAC, but I also love drugstore products like Maybelline and L'oreal Paris.

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